Success in the music industry isn’t something that you wait for or hope for. It is something that you create, day after day.

The Independent Artist Alliance was founded for the primary purpose of aligning every tool and resource in the music industry for the sole purpose of helping the independent artist.  The Record Label no longer controls the success of the independent artist.  With our help, knowledge, resources and expertise we strive everyday to change the landscape of what success means in the music business. 

Know the Facts
  • Digital Revenue + 50% 
  • Digital Sales Growth +17.7% 
  • Streaming Growth 60.4%
  • CD Sales -7.4%
  • Download Sales -20.5%
Worldwide Distribution that counts!
Proper promotion on the RIGHT blogs is key to gaining exposure.
  • BMI/ASCAP Consulting
  • Producer Document Vault
  • Licensing Platform
  • YouTube Collection
  • Social Media Branding
  • Blog Submission
  • The Follower Foundation
  • Custom Apple & Spotify Promo Ad's
  • 2 Release's per year with Record Union 
  • Access to Sony Discovery
  • Access to Tidal Rising
  • 100% Ownership of your music
And so much MORE...!
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